Do You Like Us? & Poppies

Today is May 1st and you might not be getting this till the 2nd but in any case, happy May Day. Around this time of year, I make tiny little bouquets from the flowers in Heartfelt’s yard in small glass bottles and sell them at the counter. A friend wrote on our Instagram she wanted one and I am sending her one, curious to see how a baby bouquet will get through the mails. I have the perfect box for it. I will put them on our new site if it actually works… sweet to send a friend an itty-bitty bouquet! Yes, I did say we have a NEW website. New products and a new look that makes it easier for us to add product. Each day more and more of our brick and mortar is shared with all 48 states, sorry Alaska and Hawaii, not yet. Could you do me a favor? Please jump on Facebook and like our store page, I will avoid a complicated explanation. But, FB is requiring us to have 2000 likes if we want to have a linked web store. We are pretty close. We appreciate you taking this sort of very silly step.


Poppies are really easy to grow and when I see bouquets of pods for sale at the flower mart I want them for my garden. I often get them, let them dry and shake the pods all over the yard. The structure of the pod is fascinating; the dry little windows open up at the top which enables the seeds to shake out in the wind.  I also get the actual plants at Annie’s Annuals. Some of my favorite varieties are Papaver/Ladybird, Papaver/Cupcake, Papaver/Hybridium and the rare and extremely beautiful Papaver/Setigerum. Here are pictures of some of the ones in bloom right now in the yard. In a month or so I will put pods at the counter that have seeds in them and then you may grow your own!


I do not make pies in our house, Mark does. But, I do want an excuse to buy this pie plate. It is swellegant and a practical gift for Mom’s day. If mom is local, fill it with berries and tie it with a ribbon. Or, if mom is far away, order it from our website.  


Hoping the May winds are not messing with your ions and that wherever you are I hope you can pull a smile out from somewhere,


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