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   I have a sweet thing for tulips, my grandfather was from Cheshire, England and he took pride in our garden. It was impossible to please my grandmother because her English standards were extremely high but there was splendor in our half acre. A peony patch, daffodils, forsythia and rows of lilacs, but my forever favorite was the sturdy tulip. There was a patch next to our garage and I guess because it was not a prime location he would let me cross pollinate the varieties and I would anxiously await when spring arrived to see how my rubbing pollen on the stamens would make colors mix. It was so satisfying. I ordered two huge boxes of tulips for Mom’s day and I got beautiful waxed tissue this year to wrap the glories in.  Indulge your mom if she is nearby! And, of course, I am heading to the market at 5:00 am in order to get the best of the blooms and then Molly and I will whip up 50-75 bouquets with all fresh ingredients. I love this part of these schmaltzy made up holidays or at least I love the first 20 bouquets.


   At this time of year we often get asked to make corsages and boutonnieres , not for the weak of heart but if you have a crafty soul, you have got this.  Here are three pics that tell the story in process, the materials you need the wrapping of the flowers with said materials and how it turned out. These were for Finn’s prom last year and of course Monique came by to give me a hand! Thanks Mo! I got the wrist corsage thingie on Amazon…yes, I did and I have a ton of the pins and floral tape if you need some. There is also a woman in the neighborhood who makes lovely ones! I can hook you up. Email us at info at


   I just put this bug zapper racket on our site, it is not pretty but it is effective. I love making those nasty slow-moving fly clusters disperse with a couple of zaps. The zzzzzp sound is strangely satisfying, but I will not elaborate.


   And for no reason I felt inclined to share my spring shoe choices for 2018, I am walking around loving this time of year and hoping you can make that happen too.


With kind regards,

Big D

P.S. So many new socks arrived this week!

P.P.S.  I went to the Met Gala once, I wore a vintage Courreges mini dress that I borrowed from a friend’s mom. It was silver. I danced in the King Tut exhibition. Sweet memories.


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