Who Runs This Joint?

Why should you care at all what our best sellers and favorite picks are? Because of Darcy Lee, owner, buyer, and creative wellspring behind Heartfelt, our brick & mortar store. Armed with her excellent taste, purchasing prowess, and general business savvy, Darcy dives into the heady, consumerist world of retail, only to return with the best of the best. Somehow amidst the chaos, she is able to strike a balance between offering time-tested classics with cool new finds for her community. 

Her guiding principle, and therefore the store’s, is that folks don’t want a one-size-fits-all shopping experience. And—borrowing from Marie Kondo’s mantra—she loves to recruit products for our shop that that truly ‘spark joy’ for people. Because of all this (and of course her free-wheeling, can-do spirit), Darcy has built a 17-year-strong following at Heartfelt that extends not only throughout our local Bernal Heights community (San Francisco folks are very proud of their ‘hoods), but also throughout the entire bay area and across the nation.

Meet D in her own words:

Hi, I am Darcy. I bought the shop Heartfelt in 1999. My dad always said I would be a natural store owner, because I loved to shop—funny how his words stuck with me. After making and manufacturing jewelry and gift items for many years, I knew the gift business from the selling end, and it was exciting and very different to become a buyer. Now I feel that after all this time, I've been able to fine tune choosing practical, fun, and well-designed gifts. I own the building (built in 1890) and I consider it our handsome tribute to the old-school general store.

We proudly carry something for everyone, yet I would never describe ourselves as generic—I prefer to say we are open to the humanity, humor, and life-spirit-feeling that finding the perfect gift for someone gives you.