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We love the Solar Puff and here's why:

  • Flat packs to 0.25 inches and can fit in a large back pocket
  • 8 hours in the sun = 8-12 hours of light. Only got 5 hours? That’s ok, it will still give ya 5-8 hours of light
  • Bright & handy!

10 LED (60 lumen at low, 90 lumen at high)
Battery: Lithium Polymer
Size: 4 1/3” cube (when open), 4 1/3" x 6" long (folded flat)
Material: PET, water resistant, recyclable 
Settings: Push Button 1x for low setting, 2x for high, 3x for blinking/distress.

And a testimonial from a local:
Hi Darcy, we spoke on the street two days ago. I mentioned that we had bought from you four Solar Puffs a few months back, actually more than a few--cuz I just remembered when Christina, I, our three sons and some of their friends went up to the top of Bernal Hill to watch New Years Eve fireworks, we brought them with us to light the way. Last week Christina and I trekked in the Colorado Rockies (10th Mntn Division Hut to Hut), five days and four nights on the trail. During the day I hung the Solar Puffs on the back of my backpack to charge and we used them in the huts at night. They worked SUPER. Plenty bright enough to light the dining room table, later to read by, and for those late night walks to the outhouse. Our guide had another make and it was not nearly as effective or long lasting as the Solar Puff. Thanks a bunch!

Cheers, Stephen

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